Club history cont'd...

Due to congestion a second course was opened in June 1914 but the impact of the great war led to its closure in 1924.


The original course was modernised in 1933 with the introduction of additional bunkers and contouring of the greens. At this time an Open Amateur competition was inaugurated which led in 1935 to the first annual Cumbrae Cup competition.


Over the years various exhibition matches have taken place on the course. In 1948 two locals Willie and Jack McLauchlan played against Fred Daly and Harry Bradshaw and when the clubhouse was extended in 1963 another match between Eric Brown, Norman Drew, Finlay Morris and amateur Charlie Green took place.  In 2004, three times Open Champion Nick Faldo played an exhibition match and gave a golf clinic.


The centenary of the club was celebrated in 1988 with a dinner in the clubhouse at which the Marquis of Bute was the main guest. A Pro-Am competition was held that year for the first time.


The purchase of the golf course from the Bute Estate was completed in 1999.


A Centenary fete day was held on 27 June 2009 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the erection of the clubhouse.

And Millport Golf Club wins the Cleek from Rothesay golf Club.  (Later, Rothesay reluctantly hand over the cleek).